September 20, 2008

I may be living in a hotel.

I have only recently noticed the smartly folded corners on my toilet roll, the three towels beautifully arranged on the towel rack and some small ones decoratively rolled spa-style instead of my usual one just hanging there limply. Lots has changed this summer and one of the really good changes is Anna. While I run around trying to multi-task like I used to, but no longer can, Anna enters the picture in her quiet, unassuming way and takes care of everything. I never have to ask nor is there ever a reason for a comment. In addition, I am usually treated to Chile Relleno and home-made tortillas or something else more delicious than one would get in the best restaurant.

Maybe I can teach her how to do dishes.

....she has trouble turning the pages on her own. She really has to start learning to be a little more self-sufficient.

The Weimie.

Athena, in the meantime has finished her book and has gone on to her second. It keeps her busy while I am working. She has one big problem though....

...and you, with knobs on.

The kitchen cabinets are painted in a nice cheery color that I call 'Mango' (it is much brighter than in this picture which makes it look pink - how horrible!) and for good measure I added some happy knobs called 'Fiesta'. Now every day it's party time at 6 in the morning. It looks so much better than that bland, boring, nothing color I had before. I have done more in 3 months than in the 10 preceding years when work absorbed most of my attention....oh, and survival too. How soon one forgets.

Shiny floor - new carpet.

Having the floor poly-urethaned gave me a good reason to replace the carpet under the dining table. Athena really doesn't care because she liked the old one on which she could take her ice cubes to crunch. I am also having the sofas reupholstered. No one ever sits on them but I was done with the same old, same old. They are being delivered next week.

September 14, 2008

Travel in SA in the Fifties.

I found this picture in a box of things belonging to my grandmother. It was taken in the early 1950's on one of travels in South Africa. I remember we would bring along biscuits, sweets and cookies to hand out to the children along the way.

These days when I travel I always bring along 'bubbles'. I sit, blow bubbles and kids come from everywhere. It breaks the ice and I get happy, smiling faces on my pictures.

September 13, 2008

Take a look into my world.

I took this picture in KOFA. I have since stopped getting up at 4 to be out there by sun-up.

If you want to take pictures, watch birds, hike, picnic or camp on State Lands in Arizona your annual permit has increased from $ 15.00 to $ 50.00. However, if you have a gun to swing, take a couple of pot-shots and call yourself a hunter there is no fee. All you need is your hunting license. Does this make sense?

By the time Bush leaves the White House, the Dept. of Homeland Security is supposed to have the 670 miles of fence between Mexico and the U.S. finished. They are only halfway and elections are in November. Officials say that in order to finish the remaining fence they need $ 400 million more in funds and are complaining that they cannot find the labor.

Is this a wonder? The labor is on the other side of the fence!

Earlier this year AZ Game and Fish authorities killed a mountain lion in the Tank Mountains not too far from where I live. The mountain lion had killed 4 desert bighorn sheep and 5 mule deer (big eater this one) and needed to be put down. It was said that it was not the plan to eradicate the lion mountain population but a restoration of bighorn populations in the area.

What is it all about?

Hunters (who buy permits) hunt bighorn so in order for them to have their sport, let’s kill of some mountain lions.

How do you track a mountain lion? They are all fitted with GPS systems apparently so you can get the job done before lunch.

A car carrying 21 illegal immigrants rolled over when it tried to avoid going over a spike strip placed by the Border Patrol. Nine people died.

This is just one example because at least 290 illegal immigrants die annually during attempts at crossing the border. This includes the approximately 75 who die of heat exposure in the desert and 45 who drown swimming across the river or canals into Arizona.

Human life has very little value.

Let me add that I am not against culling (animals that is, not people), or even hunting, although I cannot understand what satisfaction killing something could give.

I also think there should be a system in place so that people can live and work in the country of their choice legally and not have to feel like hunted animals. If there were no Latinos here the lawns would not be quite as trim and the houses not quite as sparkly, no salad or strawberries on the table nor would there be anyone to do the work others are not willing to do.


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