September 20, 2008

I may be living in a hotel.

I have only recently noticed the smartly folded corners on my toilet roll, the three towels beautifully arranged on the towel rack and some small ones decoratively rolled spa-style instead of my usual one just hanging there limply. Lots has changed this summer and one of the really good changes is Anna. While I run around trying to multi-task like I used to, but no longer can, Anna enters the picture in her quiet, unassuming way and takes care of everything. I never have to ask nor is there ever a reason for a comment. In addition, I am usually treated to Chile Relleno and home-made tortillas or something else more delicious than one would get in the best restaurant.

Maybe I can teach her how to do dishes.

....she has trouble turning the pages on her own. She really has to start learning to be a little more self-sufficient.

The Weimie.

Athena, in the meantime has finished her book and has gone on to her second. It keeps her busy while I am working. She has one big problem though....

...and you, with knobs on.

The kitchen cabinets are painted in a nice cheery color that I call 'Mango' (it is much brighter than in this picture which makes it look pink - how horrible!) and for good measure I added some happy knobs called 'Fiesta'. Now every day it's party time at 6 in the morning. It looks so much better than that bland, boring, nothing color I had before. I have done more in 3 months than in the 10 preceding years when work absorbed most of my attention....oh, and survival too. How soon one forgets.

Shiny floor - new carpet.

Having the floor poly-urethaned gave me a good reason to replace the carpet under the dining table. Athena really doesn't care because she liked the old one on which she could take her ice cubes to crunch. I am also having the sofas reupholstered. No one ever sits on them but I was done with the same old, same old. They are being delivered next week.


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