July 26, 2009

Cushion cover.

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I have lately been able to work on my cushion cover again. This is a detail of the bold felt flowers on the green duck cloth. I bought beautiful yarn on Etsy that I machine stitched on the surface cloth first. I then drew flowers and cut them out of felt which I then either free-stitched by machine or by hand using silver thread or embroidery silk. I should be able to finish this project soon. After my long creative drought this was one of the first things I started.


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A platespinner for sure, I never work on a single project at a time. I have sketches ready for a family from Swaziland and this is the youngest son. I will post more as I finish elements. Although I look forward to coloring this (7 cm) sketch, I am also a little hesitant because I haven't done anything like this for such a long time.

Missing Jasper.

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My nephew Jasper from Holland spent part of the summer with me in the Southwest. Seems really quiet without him around and the house much too tidy.

Paper Cut.

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My first paper cut. I made a drawing of an Acacia tree, then traced it and placed the tracing paper over dark brown Mulberry paper so that I didn't have any pencil marks on the final cut.


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