August 19, 2009

Under the Sea.

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Seeing that I am making such good headway with finishing the mosaics on the fountain, I have already started planning my next project: the concrete bench outside. Tired of using just glass and ceramics I started looking if I could make something a little different. I found Tinker Tiles, an artist who makes tiles for others to use in their projects. I like humor in all aspects of life and so also in what I make. These fish have such personality and even have names. Betty being one of them. I think I will use smalti to create the ocean, so the next step is calculating how many I will need and in what colors. I will also make a composition with the fish on contact paper so that I have some idea if I have enough. I think I will commission a lobster and perhaps an octopus, or a mermaid. I am drawing these myself so that I can see if they will be a good fit with the rest.

Blueberry Jam

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We're in the middle of monsoon season here, which means the humidity is high. It doesn't necessarily mean rain. Still it's better indoors than out, and so I have been in the kitchen quite a bit. This bubbling and sweet smelling pastime made 6 jars of blueberry jam. It's fruit, half the amount of sugar and some lemon rind and juice. Pure goodness. It gelled well without the use of pectin. The lemon does the work.


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