May 27, 2008

Jungle drums.

On my way up to visit with J&M&F last week, at around 9, I decided to find a hotel. The trip takes 10 to 12 hours of steady driving depending on traffic in Los Angeles. If I zip through L.A. then I shave off an hour or so of driving-time. As most of those around me know, I am not fussy about hotels. Actually I seem to have a preference for cheap ones, especially when all I am doing is going from A to B. I need a bed and a shower and all they need to be is clean, that's it! I can put up with clanking plumbing, fuzzy T.V. sets and even turn a blind eye to a lost cucaracha as long as it does not get too close. I have slept in too many evil little rooms on my travels not to consider Motel 6 as quite luxurious.

I asked for a single on the ground-floor at the desk and the gentleman informed me that he only had a double with two beds at $ 75.00. I asked what a single would cost and he said, "$65.00". I raised my eyebrows and said, "I am not paying $10.00 for a bed I won't sleep in. Are there any other motels around? I am heading North". He bobbed his head, didn't look happy and told me about Motel 6 just a few miles away.

As I opened the door of Motel 6 the delicious smell of curry wafted its way to my nostrils. I asked for a single and the young man said that he only had doubles available but he would give me one at the price of a single. Good enough. He was friendly as he went through the motions of the paperwork, and said, "You have a preference for ground-floor", nodding his head from side to side.

It made me smile and he smiled back. The jungle drums had already announced my arrival.


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