January 19, 2012


It's not all hard work these days, although I did remove the camper's old sofa bed and replaced it with a bed I made myself (with help from my friend, Ikea). I built a wooden frame of which I am endlessly proud and put Ikea sultan slats on it. It worked like a charm and fit exactly (I did spend most of last night measuring and thinking).
In the evenings I watch BBC series on Youtube or read blogs and pin on Pinterest, but I like to 'do' something and I have made the little nature collection you see in the picture. Some feathers have been left natural, others painted in silver or white (my only two available colors at the moment). I added painted twigs and seed pods.

January 16, 2012


Hardly have time for anything these days while giving my camper a make-over. I put her name on the back. It's Lemonade written the Dutch or French way. People probably think I can't spell very well.

These are Ikea plastic placemats to cover the area behind the sink. Happy little birds.

My fridge spray-painted silver, even the brown plastic has been sprayed.

I have been using soda can tabs to hang things up. Really helps when hanging up a basket to cover the plumbing that remained after taking out the little basin in the bathroom.

Even had some time to paint feathers to use as decorations in the camper.


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