January 16, 2012


Hardly have time for anything these days while giving my camper a make-over. I put her name on the back. It's Lemonade written the Dutch or French way. People probably think I can't spell very well.

These are Ikea plastic placemats to cover the area behind the sink. Happy little birds.

My fridge spray-painted silver, even the brown plastic has been sprayed.

I have been using soda can tabs to hang things up. Really helps when hanging up a basket to cover the plumbing that remained after taking out the little basin in the bathroom.

Even had some time to paint feathers to use as decorations in the camper.

1 comment:

  1. The spelling would be fine up here (half of the country speaks French : ) I personally think the spelling is cute. And that backsplash, brilliant idea and it so much fun. Cant wait to see the finshed work in teh whole camper.



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