August 30, 2009

Guinea Fowl Sketch.

The week before last I started thinking about Guinea Fowl. I know, strange thing to think about but lately I have been thinking about subjects to work with in different media. I am really enjoying getting back into drawing. I have placed a sizable order with Mr Blick and am waiting for it to arrive so that I can also do some painting. So many animals in Africa and yet the Guinea Fowl has its distinct place. In my eyes it does, just like the Quail in the Sonoran desert. See the legs at the top? I just start drawing and perhaps, but maybe not, I was going to draw a resting bird and then decided it needed legs, and I had to draw the legs at the top. It will get its legs eventually. Maybe I was distracted because my Nuvi GPS wouldn't turn on and I live with that thing. Not so much to find my way as to be able to listen to my books from Audible. Didn't think I could fix it, but with a little help from Google I discovered that all I had to do was press on the screen and on/off button at the same time.

Mola from Panama

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I had bought these mola's in Panama and framed them when I got home but I have recently had my sofas reupholstered in a dark, deep purple and I kept thinking they needed some color. The stitching on the molas is amazingly fine. Just look how small they are compared to the pin. I could never work so finely. Ik ben meer van grote steken en snel thuis. The last picture shows 4 different fabrics that I bought for several projects, one being making cushions with the molas.


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