March 6, 2009

I think Matt is super cool.

This is Matt Harding and he does this silly dance everywhere he goes and he goes places, believe me! I think you should have a look for yourself and you will see why I think Matt Harding is cool. Click on this and find out: Where the hell is Matt now?

March 1, 2009

Frozen fountain thawing.

Totally happy because I have the fountain almost finished. There is even water spouting from the mouth of Zephyr.
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Wildflowers in Dome Valley.

I decided to get an early start this Sunday to make pictures of the wildflowers, which are plentiful, after the good rains we had this winter. Up before sunrise and enjoying that it is again warm enough to go barefoot, I gathered the bits and bobs I needed; water bowl, leash, treats; and oh yes, my camera.
My mother and I always talk on Skype on Sunday for a couple hours around 10 a.m. my time, so I contacted her to tell her I would be out. My mike clearly didn’t work, and while we could see each other by video I was trying to make clear to her what was going on. Goodness knows what my mother thought I was mouthing, but she doubled up and let out peals of laughter. Every time I tried to make it clear, bubbles of laughter came through my speakers. We managed to do this for well over 30 minutes and had an enjoyable non-conversation anyway.
Ready. I put everything in the car and returned to a very aloof Athena, who refused to budge from her safe place under the coffee table. Nothing I did could entice her to stick her head out far enough for me to slap on her collar. Not the tastiest pieces of chicken; not a happy yellow ball that makes squeaky noises; not even my walking to the back gate pretending we were going for a run. Her cool blue eyes were on me and conveyed the message clearly: I am not going for a ride in the car and that is the end of it.
Here are some of the flowers blooming in Dome Valley.

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Brittlebush in a dell.

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I call them Globe Mallow, but they probably have a name all their own.
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Yellow and green everywhere.

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Verbena flowers.

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Creosote flowers.

Sand Verbena.

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Don't know what this is.

I have no idea what this is. I have seen these shrubs in river beddings for years. I have never seen them bloom like this, but perhaps I didn't have my eyes open. Maybe someone can help me.
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