April 5, 2008

Frozen Fountain

My fountain still is not finished. When we first moved into the house almost 12 years ago (!) I could just see this fountain by the front porch. A Mexican fountain, like the ones I had seen in Oaxaca. Large as a bathtub and tiled with azulejos of blue. Several years ago I started building one with the help of Camilo, my Sancho Panza. We seldom agree on anything, and especially not on what we consider a straight line. Camilo has some difficulty with his right eye, although he will not admit this, certainly not to me, but he had to agree that the rectangular foundation we had planned had come out as a slab of cement in the form of a trapezium. Not to worry, it adds to the charm and gives it all an organic touch. I like the word 'organic', it covers up a lot of my not so successful endeavours. Since then I have made a mosaic on the fountain out of small glass tiles, a painstaking process that can only be done if I work at least 4 hours in one go or else the glue doesn't set the tiles as I intended. Before the Summer heat sets in (it's already 30 degrees most days) I have to have the fountain finished and have posted the final result on this page.


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