August 25, 2009


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No dust in the girls' eyes. Another sign from a shop window.

So much fun.

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I had to put this one in too. Their faces show their enjoyment so clearly.

Isn't she sweet?

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Athena takes watching a ball very seriously. Her eyes stay on the ball as you move it up or down. You are not going to trick her, because she makes sure of that. She has this intense look and is ever ready to catch a round blob of plastic. While in Prescott I was sitting on a bench observing the people using the town square in different ways. One young man was walking vigorously around the square and on his fifth time passing we chatted a bit. He said that walking a dog would make it so much nicer. Spontaneously I handed him the leash and only as I saw Athena and the young man walking off did I feel a pang of concern. Just imagine if he didn't return with my four-footed companion, but of course he did. I just might not do that again, ever.

Prescott Arizona.

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An impression of the area around Prescott Arizona.

After the rain.

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After rain there is always that delicious freshness in nature.


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They finally collapsed laughing.

Long awaited rain.

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As we drove through Salome to Aguila I saw two little girls celebrating the recent rains. They splashed through the deep puddles enjoying themselves tremendously.

Excellent measures.

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Seen in a shop window in Prescott.

Monsoon in the desert.

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A short respite from the heat was planned but it turned out that that particular weekend it would cool down in the low desert and that it would rain at higher elevations. We splashed through flooded roads and found it all very exciting. It was however the first time for me to see the desert drenched.


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