April 2, 2008

Small world, long arms.

Recently, when updating my email address and letting my family, friends and contacts know, I realized how many people are in my life and how little they know about it. I don't particularly want to put all my business out on the internet but I thought that perhaps a blog, for those who are interested in my work, ideas and opinions might be a way to connect to the people who are important to me. When I say 'work' I really mean my photography, writing, silversmithing and most of all the additions I make to my home. I have no fear of wielding hammer and power tool, though I admit I have stayed away from saws that have a cord attached. I remember only too vividly when I first found myself having to face home-improvement projects on my own. Two cats were telling me that I needed to put a cat-door in. Now wood I understand so I thought lightly of the job, not realizing that the door was reinforced with metal. Of course I didn't remove the door from it's hinges. The tears I shed while attempting to cut a somewhat square hole in the door could fill a bucket. I never thought that if I was unable to do it, I could ultimately just buy a new door. To my amazement the cat-door fit and hid the jagged edges of my handiwork. It looked just fine, and I dried my eyes and picked up the 14 broken saws and went on with my life.

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  1. My friend, Elza, you have quite the eye for a good photograph!



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