May 8, 2008

Large wasp on Milkweed.

It looks like my mail won't be delivered the next couple of weeks. Twice a year my Milkweed plant is visited by rather large wasps. I have never experienced any problem with them and I have made pictures of them and get really close. They look scary I suppose if you are afraid of insects but all they do is drink the nectar and fly around the plant. The lady who delivers my mail said that I should have them exterminated. I opted to have to pick up my mail at the Post Office for a couple of weeks.


  1. Really? the USPO is afraid of bugs!?

  2. Reaaaallllly? The Post office won't deliver you mail because of a wasp. Wonder what they'd do if we'd sprinkle your lawn with some tarantulas and scorpions? what a bunch of sissies!



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