June 15, 2009


I like receiving a letter in the mail. The stamps and the handwritten address, the feel of the paper and most importantly the contents make it special to me. Since email has become so popular I seldom receive any personal letters anymore. People still send Thank you cards, and birthday cards though, so not all is lost. I enjoy writing a letter and even more enjoy decorating the envelope. Usually when I am on a longer trip I will collect what comes my way and decorate the stationary and the envelope with these findings. My mother is usually the recipient of these letters. I will draw, glue and include little surprises like the dried grasshoppers I bought in Oaxaca, Mexico to share my experiences with her.

Fleur and I keep up a correspondence, thanks to Marianne, as Fleur is only 5. Fleur will draw something bright and beautiful and pen letters on the sides and little hearts, because she has practiced hearts and they are really good now. I usually send a pretty card back to her and on the inside I draw her as Petite Neige with a feather in her hair. Petite Neige is her Indian name in her nature group: Little Snowflake, because her hair is so blond.

I hardly used to draw or sketch anymore, but recently have had a very good reason to take out my tools and brushes and tap into my creativity again. I find it hard to believe that I started out as a Graphic Designer.

The card in the picture is made from a pattern, folded and cut with an exacto knife. The technique is called Kirigami. I had a lot of fun making it and I know Fleur will enjoy receiving it.

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