September 15, 2009

One can only dream and helps.

Seriously, it is not what I dream of. I really like drawing and puttering about with fabric, paper, paint and metal for the pleasure it gives me. It not only keeps my hands occupied but also my mind. Thinking up new projects, new pictures, and new assignments that I give myself so that I can learn a little more. There are so many marvelous artists that inspire me that I am never without ideas. My problem is really not to want to do too many things at the same time. I slow myself down and make myself finish what has been started. You see, the yupo paper arrived in Mr Blick's last shipment so I can hardly wait to start but there is packing to do. Yupo is synthetic watercolor paper, that, from what I have seen, allows for beautiful, brilliant acrylic ink paintings. I think I will take it on my trip and discover what it does together with my mother, who does watercolors but recently hasn't done much work. Perhaps it will bring back her interest in painting.

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