January 31, 2011


My mother took care of my bangs when I was a little girl. Every so many weeks I would sit down with a sheet wrapped around me, and my mother would snip away. She is quite the perfectionist, so if she thought the bangs were crooked, she would rectify that with another couple of snips, and for good measure a couple more. I don't know if it was fashionable at the time, but I went through my early life with really short bangs.


  1. Wat een schattige foto!! En die pony zie je tegenwoordig weer vaak terugkomen hoor;)

  2. Oh me too Elza ... and my 'kind' brother has just posted some ancient photos of me on Facebook to demonstrate the style :(

  3. Haha, I love this photo and entry. My mom didn't have the patience to cut my hair herself, so I just went through most of my life with a standard pixie cut.



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