January 25, 2011

Rice paper and powder.

Several years ago I found a little box at the drugstore, which quite amazingly was empty and yet for sale. It was a pretty box and I have a 'thing' for little boxes, so by the time I walked out the door, the pretty box was mine. It was an ideal container for the nibs for my ink pens, but in reality its purpose was just to be pretty.
I have always wanted to draw the picture on the box and now I have.

If I ever thought I had found a treasure, then I was wrong. I have since discovered that the box is an ordinary commercial item and still being sold. When opening the box it should have contained little sheets of rice paper with rice powder to blot a shiny nose. Still, I am perfectly happy with my box, empty or not, because every time I look at it, it feeds my imagination.

These are more the real colors. The scanner made some changes of it's own. 

Paper: Strathmore Bristol smooth 260gsm
Paint: Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache, Micron 01
Brush: No. 6 Loew-Cornell
Technique: Gouache, crosshatch shading
Level of enjoyment while making: high


  1. wee! love it! and i can see why you got the box, it is lovely :)
    btw thnks for the comments ;p im pretty busy these days-with drawing! :) yay! but i havent had a chance to scan anything. these days i come on the pc to chill after long days. but hopefully tomorrow i will have time :) thanks for your comments tho :) i look forward to them ;p

  2. Wow! This is so awesome; I can see why you wanted to paint it! I'm surprised by HOW MUCH the colors were changed by the scanner. It is beautiful though, either way. Just very different! And I also laughed at the ending, it was very unexpected as I saw nothing wrong at all about purchasing an empty box!

  3. I like your little box too, it's not the value but the pleasure you get from it that counts. I like the idea of the rice paper for shiny noses!
    Great drawing.

  4. I certainly enjoyed the work and words! You have a unuique way of presenting....

  5. Thanks Winna, for your kind comments and doing a little tour on my blog. I would love to see your African EDM Challenge.

  6. This is a lovely rendition of the box, with woman leaning into the frame intriguingly and the bright color!

  7. It's a lovely painting of a lovely box! I think I would have wanted it too. Rice paper for shiny noses works great, but the box was worth it even if empty! nancy

  8. It sounds so genteel that one would blot one's shiny nose. I love living in this day and age, but sometimes dream about the times when ladies' average shoe size was 4.5.
    Best regards,
    Size 9 (and that's pretty average, I believe - what happened?)

  9. I completely understand your love for boxes! Wonderful drawing, too, of a nice subject!
    (and I looked for the book you told me about, "Like water for chocolate", and I think I'll order it soon, it seems great - thanks for the tip!)

  10. I love boxes, too. I have had to curb the impulse to pick up everything that attracts me, though. I love your drawing of the box lid, and the colors are gorgeous!

    I do wonder, sometimes, if I'd be able to survive in the days when hair, makeup and clothing were always supposed to be perfect when leaving the house. It seems appealing, but I am not sure how people found the time.



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