February 20, 2011


My early morning Sunday ritual is going through my favorite blogs with tea or hot cocoa (or Diet Coke, depending on the weather) and if at all possible, a pain au chocolat or something similar. How About Orange mentioned Odosketch and I went to look. I just drew something really quickly, but for the true sketchers of this world, this might be quite enjoyable. Your sketch will come out better than mine, because I uploaded mine, as I couldn't find where it was embedded.

This well-preserved woman sat at a table in the restaurant where I had dinner last night, eating almost nothing.

1 comment:

  1. I love the sketch, especially the hand and the short description of the woman.

    I looked at Odosketch for a few seconds, and think it is fun. I bought this week the application Artrage for my computer, but I'm rather disappointed with it so far :-(



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