June 24, 2012

Not gone forever.

Oh, so you thought I was gone forever. Not at all, but a broken laptop after weeks of working on my camper, and only having a zoom lens for my camera (having left my other lenses in Europe by mistake), my hands were rather tied in being very active on my blog. Then you get used to not blogging and emailing and before you know it you are doing other things and the digital world is replaced be the real world, which in fact, is not that bad at all.
However, now I have left my camera charger somewhere else, so not many photos to share until I buy a new one, besides I always need some time to settle in and find my way around a place but that has been done and I will be spending time on my computer again, also thanks to the many rainy days here, when all I want to do is cocoon, with Athena cuddled next to me.

The photo is by Andy Small.


  1. Good to see you back (and that you are live and well : ) I know the pain of leaving thing behind, but also the joy of finding ways around it and the real world is wonderful... I love that picture, what kind of flower is that?

  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.



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