November 30, 2008

First video.

I feel a little foolish doing this because all through my childhood the family would make home movies. Well, as I remember it, it was mainly my Aunt Louise who would use the camera and if she had no suitable subject she would film the roses in the garden. The garden was large and there were roses of every color bordering the lawn, however when watching the films it was very boring to see rose, after rose, after rose.

I decided to try my hand at video because of the rather big puddles left behind by the rains and the pleasure Athena has when she can splash through water.

Having had to see the video a couple of time to figure out how to post it to my blog I can imagine how interesting this must be to you. My dog and more of my dog and then a little bit more.

For those of you who are emailing me at I need to let you know that I have not been receiving all my emails due to some malfunction of the outlook junk mail setting and therefore might not have responded. I am working on it. You can always use using same user-name.

Hope you get some enjoyment from watching my first video even if it's my dog, more of my dog and then a little bit more.

Watch for the big splash, I don't think she realized how deep it was there.

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