June 8, 2011

Seahorse in Crayon.

It's not been all that easy to keep up with anything creative lately. First the lack of supplies, then the lack of inspiration, followed by the fact that weather makes all paper corners curl and most importantly lack of a table to work on. Of course, there are tables in the house, but I am so used to working in my own space with no one around me, listening to an audio book, that I have been working in the spacious guestroom, right, which has no table.
The picture didn't quite work out the way I wanted it, and you can see Fleur's fingers, but that adds charm, I think. Perfectionism is not something I strive after. Rather, I prefer spontaneity and we had a good time making the pictures. The drawing I like, a little bit of reality and a little bit of fantasy. They do exist, leafy seahorses.

I used Faber Castell crayons from the children's drawing section, marked 'for children 3 years and over'. I think I fit the category, besides I never nibble on my pencils.


  1. Your leafy seahorse is wonderful - I love the colors! (And Fleur looks like a great helper!)

  2. Who doesn't like a leafy dragon. I love these little guys. Enjoy a fabulous sounding trip.

  3. Those are really amazing sea horses, I love to see them when I go to aquariums. Your drawing is great, even without taking into consideration your supplies!

  4. Nice leafy dragon. I've never heard of these before. Crayons can be a great medium with practice. Check this site for some fantastic crayon only artworks. You will be surprised. You are in good company using them.

  5. I love sea dragons. You did a great job!

  6. the color transitions are beautiful =) love the design



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