October 19, 2008

4500 Miles of Color.

We traveled 4,500 miles at just the right time of the year to see the
fall colors change from green to yellow and then gold and amber
before the leaves started falling revealing the bare branches of the trees.

Every day brought new spectacular sights and if you are into color
as much as I, then you too would have seen colors that you can't describe
or name.

Yellowstone was everything they said it would be but it made me
yearn for Africa. I however doubt that wildlife viewing there is the
same as I remember it to be.

It wasn't only all about orange and yellow, the blues and grays
too made up part of the pallet.

I don't watch TV and living in hotels these past weeks
gave me the opportunity to watch the presidential debates, which
provided more than enough food for thought as I
watched Idaho, South Dakota, Montana pass by my
car window.

I took the liberty of giving this picture a little color because all
the postcards and pictures look exactly the same. While at Rushmore
I spoke to a man who had done well in real estate and we discussed
his concern about his money which could possibly be reduced to
a fraction with the insecurity on Wall Street and with the banks.

I discovered how hard it is to make mountain
views look original on photo. Composition and
depth of field are the only tools in my box that
I could use.

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