October 19, 2008

The journey goes on.

After so many picture of mountains I started to long for subjects
that were closer by. I like pictures to tell a story and that's
probably why I take picture of people. They always tell a story.

No changes made to this picture and am amazed at the bluish
hue it has.

The water was like a mirror and the reflection of the trees
are an impressionist version of the real ones.

It seemed that every day something else was in bloom or
changing color. We had yellow days, green days, red days,
copper days. This was a crushed pomegranate red moment.

Bison at last, and dozens of tourists most with enormous camera
lenses which put my equipment to shame. I can understand that
Yellowstone attracts photographers because of all the beauty
it offers.

Making pictures of water is always a challenge
to me. I wanted to show the swirling and the
splattering of the water itself, the white of the
water and the darkness of the debris and rocks.

This is an enormous country and only by traversing it do you
get some idea of it's vastness. Here I was attracted by the
black beef cows under a cloudless sky and a splattering of
pastels, grazing on the hay colored prairie.

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